Ever find yourself looking for a highly advanced, and one of a kind Discord bot to help spiffy up your server? Well I'd like to introduce you to HypeBot! A Discord bot designed to help you manage your server with ease! HypeBot offers tons of features, from moderation, tickets, support, and so much more! HypeBot was designed to be an all-in-one Discord bot that you will never need to restart, with HypeBot's Anti-Crash technology, and forever expanding debug capabilities, it is nearly impossible to break this bot! Stop trying to find a bot for everything, with HypeBot, the customization is nearly limitless!


The deluxe edition includes beta releases, as-well as 98% of the unencrypted code

If you already own the main bot, you can contact us here to only pay the required amount for the base upgrade.

Files that are still encrypted:

/events/client/ready.js - This file will include a "substitute" to allow you to add to the file externally

/util/boot.js - This file will stay encrypted as it includes the sexy af console logger I use

PLEASE NOTE: The process or action of unlocking any files that are SOLD locked, is still against my ToS. As-well changing credits to me, or other project contributors is also against my ToS. Doing so will result in your product(s) termination with 0 money back (no refund)!

Hyperz Development is not responsible for any malicious actions taken after purchase of this product.


  • VPS / DPS
  • MySQL Database


  • MySQL Database
  • 80+ Commands
  • 300+ Line Configuration File
  • Fun Commands
  • Music Commands
  • Staff Commands
  • Moderation Commands
  • Support Commands
  • Ticket Commands
  • Ticket Reaction System
  • 15+ Events
  • Advanced Error Handling
  • Debug Mode
  • Verification System
  • Blacklist System
  • Filter System
  • Giveaway System
  • Anti-Raid System
  • Permissions System
  • Leveling System
  • Offline Bans System
  • Reviver Module
  • Ping Prevention Module
  • Sticky Messages Module
  • Greeting Module
  • Server Stats Module
  • Role Reactions Module
  • Auto React Module
  • Auto Respond Module
  • FiveM Integration Module
  • Applications Module (Unlimited Apps)
  • Case Based Punishments
  • Restart Command
  • Snipe Command
  • Timer Command
  • Advanced Logging
  • Anti-Crash Technology
  • Much Much More!

Documentation: https://docs.hyperz.dev/c/hypebot

HypeBot [DELUXE] — $50


Main Credits:
@Hyperz#0001 - Head Developer of the HypeBot Project.
@PlutoTheDev#1000 - Helped with Ticket Module & Re-wrote useless stuff.
@FAXES#8655 - Inspiration for the bot.

Other Credits:
@StackOverflow - Helpful with bug testing and gathering excess bits and pieces.
@DJS-Guide - Huge documentation with large detail on syntax and code use.
@GitHub - Where bits of the music module came from before the V12 Conversion & Bug Fixes.

Bug Testing:
@JipyTheDev - Literally Everything.
@KingEZFLOW#5661 - Ticket System & Moderation Commands.
@Jordan.#2139 - Moderation Commands.
@Chr!s#6814 - Greeting Module.

@My Discord Members - Anyone else for the smaller things.

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Product: HypeBot [DELUXE] 5/5

“10 / 10 Best Bot I must have brought!!! Gonna buy some more bots from Hyperz soon!”Maniac

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